Computer Basketball Ranking

How it Works

Only one thing matters - Wins


Every year around tournament time the conversations center around who beat who. They tend to be selective in choosing the victories. This system presents an unbiased look at just the statistics involved in the 'Who beat Who' arguement. Point spreads, location and injuries do not matter here. Each team is evalutated soley on the records of the opponents they have played.

The Formula

The formula is very simple. For each win, the number of wins of the opponent are added to the teams total points. For each loss the number of losses of the opponent are subtracted from the total points. Divide the total points by the number of division I games played, and you have the rating.

A team continues to gain points throughout the season as the teams they have defeated, win their games. Likewise, a team continues to lose points as teams that have defeated them, lose more games.

This system rewards teams that play teams with winning records. All teams in a conference can gain points when the conference goes out and collects wins from other conferences. During interleague play, their games will have a higher value.


I would like to thank Ken Pomeroy, who graciously provides the text file that is used to capture the games data. Visit to view his rating system and blog.

Sites That Link to These Ratings - View this system compared to others. Thanks to Kenneth Massey for including this on his great site.

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